Midis Populares 

I will be Your Hands   Blue Spanish Eyes
Annie Song   Carruagens de Fogo
La Mer   Cabrel
Arrivederciroma   Flippers
Friends   Baruhks
Baklava   A Bela e a Fera
I Have a Dream   Going Home
Dreams   Guarania
Dunbar   Havanagila 1
El Condor Pasa   Hiney
Family   At Home Alone
Fernando   What a Wonderful World
Distant Shore   Song 1
St.Lucia   Only You
Way   Oh, Sole Mio
Mamma   Paloma
Margarite   Papillon
The Sound of Silence   Con Te Partiro
Além da Eternidade   Small World
Massachusetts   A Summer Place
Romance   Angels of God
Summer 42   See you when...
Tarrega   Sherwood
Thank you   Catching a falling Star
O Guarda-Costas   Unchained Melody
Happy Day   Undersea
Yerida   We here...
Sabbath   Romance 2
Yesterday when I was...   Shanana
Mundo Novo   Shalom
I Can't Stop Loving You   Corinna
Aufwiedersehn   Família
Aline   La Monta
Vater   Balada para Adeline
Amarillo   Country Roads
Abba   Minha Pequena Luz
Chiquitita   Song 2
Song 3   Song 4
Around the Mountain   Jade
Dr. Jivago   Bridge /Troubled Waters
Waterfalls   Swans
Havanagila 2   Andy's
Away   Take my Breath Away
Gens du Pays   Little did she Know
Ice Castles   Dancing Queen
Song 5   Midi 02

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